CONVENTIONAL  Point Absorber wave energy converters

Utility-scale wave power is made up by multiplying individually operating point absorbers = multiplied COST & COMPLEXITY

Concrest Energy's  wave energy converter

Concrest Energy's utility scale wave energy converter is designed as an array from the outset, capitalizing on the synergies enabled by the multiplication of point absorbers. 

Unlike conventional methods relying on sophisticated control mechanisms, our innovative approach leverages the cooperative dynamics of interacting "dumb" point absorbers, eliminating the need for complex controls. Cost is considerably reduced, robustness is improved, and an appreciated side-effect is that the power capture is autonomously optimized for all wave conditions.

By adhering to the subsea industry's mantra of simplification, and by adapting subsea modularization and intervention methodologies, we have introduced a completely new approach to develop wave energy converters, truly considering all life-cycle aspects summing up to affordable and available wave energy.

Works on the basis of differential force between buoys operating in different phase of a wave. This differential force is transferred to hydraulic piston-pumps that creates flow and differential pressure in a hydraulic circuit, A turbine driven generator converts hydraulic power to electricity.

With multiple buoys arranged along direction of wave propagation, each buoy will always find a buoy-friend to interact with in an opposite wave phase

To optimize power capture, the buoys must synchronize their movement with the waves. This synchronization is an in-built feature of the IP- protected architecture, eliminating the necessity for complex and vulnerable control mechanisms typical in traditional point absorbers.



Grid quality power

Steady, grid quality power is facilitated by the high number of point absorbers arranged along the direction of wave propagation in combination with state-of-art electrical power conditioning system.

High Annual Productivity

Power capture is autonomously optimized for all wave conditions, securing increased annual energy production. No control mechanism is needed to adopt the system to different wave types. 

Power capture is un-affected by non-wave induced loads such as ocean current, wind and tides. 

The Wave Energy Converter platform is perfect for onboarding a wind turbine

The Point Absorbers function like a wheel suspension system of a car. Hence, the waves' destabilizing loads are minimized, improving the platform's dynamic behavior.

A wind turbine mounted on a stable platform operates more effectively.

Superior Reliability & Survivability

By exploiting the synergies made possible by the multiplication of point absorbers, the
mechanisms and control systems known to bring the highest complexity and vulnerability into traditional point absorber concepts are made superfluous

Only dumb buoys are positioned in the harmful surface zone where wave impact-loads may be detrimental for any delicate equipment.

The system arrangement secures that the lines between buoys and pumps are always under tension, avoiding the risk for snapping loads.

Electrical and rotating equipment are placed in a controlled environment inside the stable platform.

In extreme weather, the buoys can be fully submerged to reduce wave loads.

Superior Maintainability

Maintenance and service methodology are adopted from offshore industry. Equipment is modularized for easy replacements. The point absorbers (buoys and piston-pumps) can be disconnected and brought to the local workshop for maintenance and repair. 

Economical for deep waters

A floating wave energy converter is more economical for deep waters compared to a bottom-fixed solution. However, Concrest Energy can also offer bottom-fixed solutions for shallow waters.



# More-Power-for-the-Bucks

Cost-savings by reduced component-count

All point absorbers share a common power conversion system, and un-necessary multiplications are avoided

In contrast to conventional point absorbers, our innovative system eliminates the requirement for a mechanism to reposition the pump piston following its elevation by a wave. Similarly, there is no necessity for a complex phase control mechanism to fine-tune energy harvesting. These efficiencies are seamlessly achieved through the unique system architecture.

All point absorbers share anchors and a power cable. The array of point absorbers can be installed as one unit

Cost-savings by dual-purpose BUOYS

In addition to harvesting wave energy, the buoys ALSO provide buoyancy to the platform. This double functionality is unique and made possible by the novel system architecture. 

Each buoy is connected to a hydraulic piston pump that transforms wave energy to hydraulic energy. These piston pumps ALSO dampen the wave forces transferred to the platform. The damped buoyancy-forces from the buoys are distributed along the length of the platform, and material-stresses are reduced compared to a traditional floater with all buoyancy concentrated in fixed columns in the platform's corners.  Material is saved. 


For < 2000 USD of equipment picked up at the local store, oscillating waves were converted to steady hydraulic power.

smart, simple and survivable